Get clarity straight from source

You Now:

You have questions about your work, relationships and life in general. But they aren’t so easy to answer.

You’d like to change things, but you think “it’s complicated”, and that “there’s just too much involved”. And so you get stuck or you just keep spinning your wheels.

You’ve considered all the possibilities to your decision or situation, but you can’t help feeling like maybe there’s something important you’re missing.

You Ideally:

You want more depth and a fresh perspective on what you need to know and do. You’d just love to feel deeply connected and supported during this time in your life.

You’re curious about working with intuition, and messages from spirit. You’re wondering what messages are in store for you.

You’d love to be authentically supported during this time in your life. You want to be given information and at the same time be guided on how to bring it into your life.

Intuitive work can help you see situations more clearly and make difficult decisions.

When fear and doubt are at an all-time high, it helps to look at your situation from a perspective that takes the pressure off you, so you’re free to take the right step.

This is the perspective that is often the tipping point that moves you forward.

Intuitive Reading & Integration

  I signed up for a reading with Dilshad because I just wanted some type of intuitive guidance. I knew that I was in my own way and wanted a bigger picture view of my dilemma.

My favorite thing, was that my reading was an exact experience of what I go through in my life on a larger scale. I’m resourceful and smart. I can find solutions to problems quickly, but sometimes those solutions don’t sit right with me, and then I beat myself up. I won’t take the action when my brain says just do it already because it all feels forced. And then the despair or frustration kicks in because it seems like the thing that I want, or the solution, isn’t possible because the just do it already action isn’t something I want to do. Instead of being all “Hell yes – I’m awesome and can figure this out,” I wallow or shut down. I can’t see any options.

My reading actually unlocked this information both by what Dilshad read in the cards, what the cards themselves represent and with HOW THE READING ITSELF WENT. The reading came at a perfect time. Less than a week later, I feel much clearer about where I want to go next.

– Justine Taormino, Allowing Myself


What’s Included (Hint: It’s infinitely more advanced than just a reading):


Intuitive Reading:

I will do a reading for you based on the area/question you asked me to focus on. I take the time to put myself in a clear state and set up a sacred space before I even begin working for you. This is important because you can be sure your reading is coming from a place that’s clean and clear. Then I will do an in-depth card reading for you. This reading will be anywhere from 30-45 mins.

Integration Session:

Within 3 days after you received your reading, we’ll have a 45 minute session over the phone. This will be truly supportive for you because you’ve had time to sit with the reading, figure out what other related questions you’d really like to ask, and cement your understanding of this experience. We’ll discuss how to amplify the results even further and make sure you have what you need to move forward.

Materials to Takeaway:

You’ll receive a recording of the reading and a recording of our 1:1 session. All my clients relisten to the recordings multiple times and each time they get more out of it than the previous time.  I will set you up with practices and resources specific to your situation to better receive what you want. This will give you options to work with, as well as a direction to focus on even after our time together.

the number 3 is the philosophy we abide by – you, me, and spirit

Intuitive Reading & Integration

  I’ve never had a reading before. I was stuck. I had a particularly rough week centering around what I wanted for my future relationship and what my next steps should be. I was feeling really desperate and in need of an outside force of wisdom and encouragement.

I had run of the mill skepticism…will I feel more confused? Is it all bullshit? Is this going to plant a seed in my head and lead me to make a decision I wouldn’t have otherwise? I really liked the plethora of options that I felt surrounded me after receiving my reading.

It was not an answer per say, it was guidance on the possible feelings and energy that I could experience. I also really liked that Dilshad provided me with a situational clarification reading, it truly helped me more than the Q/A reading!

I would recommend Dilshad’s readings to anyone looking for a little inspiration and encouragement from a highly intuitive woman who I believe has a real talent for perceiving our deepest longings, fears and purpose. If you need a little flashlight in the darkness of indecision then definitely go for it.

Marika, Teacher

How these readings are different from ANYTHING ELSE you’ve experienced

These intuitive arts have helped me more in my life than anything else. However, there were a lot of times when I felt like I was being talked at, didn’t have much room for questions, and I would only think of questions after the reading was over. It would leave me feeling much less supported and filled with more questions than answers.

So I decided to go a different route.

I bring YOU to the tarot/intuitive conversation. This means you get time to sit with the reading (sometimes it’s more than one type of reading). Then after you’ve explored the reading you’ll have a session with me just for your questions, your spiritual coaching, and your journey. Usually this time is split between reading and questions, but with my readings you’ll get 1:1 time just devoted to you!

Here’s what one client had to say about this unique process….

Intuitive Reading & Integration


I was really battling with clarity on some big decisions and they were WEIGHING on me. I’ve been to readings before, and often left irritated. I felt like like my questions weren’t heard, or that the person talked over me, and didn’t really try to understand me. 

So when I read the process on Dilshad’s website, her method seemed a lot more thoughtful. It forced ME to be clear on what I wanted to get out of it, instead of just delegating to the person doing the reading to be clear. And the stages of the process really allowed me to absorb the outcomes of the reading. It is without doubt the most effective reading I’ve encountered.

The process is clear and methodical and thoughtful. And then Dilshad is a complete breath of fresh air – full of energy, warmth and kindness. Fabulous combo.

I absolutely would recommend her – but with a warning! This is only for people who are willing to get involved in their own lives.

DanielleWorld Explorer

Your Investment: $150

Barter System Option Available: Email me at

How This Works:

Step 1: Click Get Started Now to submit your payment

Step 2: Within 24 hours you’ll receive the instructions necessary to complete before your reading. 

Have questions? Email me at (note that it’s a .co and not a .com)

This is for you if: 

  • You love spirit work. You appreciate it’s power.
  • You’re ready to put in conscious effort. This means actively listening to the recording (maybe even more than once), taking notes, and coming prepared for our 1:1 conversation. This is co-creation with spirit, and co-creation demands that you show up. 
tarot and intuitive reading work with me dilshad mehta

This is NOT for you if:

  • You want me to predict your future. This messes with your head, takes your power away from you, and makes you dependent on me. Furthermore, there is NO fixed future. None whatsoever.
  • You’re uncomfortable with swearing. It’s minimal but sometimes I let it slip a few times.
Intuitive Reading & Integration

  I’ve completed about 4 readings with Dilshad. They were about nagging questions that I needed help with. Tarot readings with her have given me that little extra something to add to my other personal work (like therapy, meditation etc). They offer insight from a completely new and different perspective that I couldn’t find elsewhere. 

I was able to take a few phrases from the readings. I’ve been using these almost daily to help me stay focused on my path. And to help me stay with myself, instead of floating off on someone else’s energy. 

Her readings have been very helpful to me. I would recommend her to people who are open minded and looking for answers. I would also refer her to people who might benefit from her special blend of no-nonsense, down to earth manner, and  kindly delivered spiritual insight (so people who don’t need coddling or  a hand to hold, just some helpful information and insight from a friendly spiritual guide).

– Marci, Seattle