Get the plan. Get the action. See the results. 

You’re someone who appreciates a good plan and good information. You value knowing where to focus your energy & where not to.

You understand that a new month is like a new cycle that you can take advantage of, so you appreciate working with the cycle. And a new plan for a new month just gets you so excited!

You want to maximize the results of any and all of your efforts, so that you can be at ease and in flow. Versus struggling upstream and being lost.

You desire to truly co-create with spirit, and you know that a new month reading is you meeting spirit halfway. Say goodbye to going at it alone!


Reading for the Month

  After Dilshad’s reading I felt settled and relieved. I was hesitant to get a reading because I thought that I’d pile on even more information to sift through about a subject that I had already been deeply processing for months. What I loved best about her reading is the fact that she didn’t know what the question was about. It made it exciting! But what I liked best was how much sense it made to me. And just hearing an acknowledgment of what I was feeling was enough to settle the more agitated feelings. I’d recommend Dilshad to a person who’s already inclined toward readings. The reading she gave me was informative and her enthusiasm helps carry the messages. – Paragini Amin, Relationship & Life Coach

Intuitive work can help you see situations more clearly and make difficult decisions.

When fear and doubt are at an all-time high, it helps to look at your situation from a perspective that takes the pressure off you, so you’re free to take the right step.

This is the perspective that is often the tipping point that moves you forward.

What’s Included:


Intuitive Reading For the Month Ahead:

I will do a reading for you based on the month ahead. I take the time to put myself in a clear state and set up a sacred space before I even begin working for you. This is important because you can be sure your reading is coming from a place that’s clean and clear. Then I will do an in-depth reading for you. This reading will be anywhere from 30-45 mins. You’ll understand where you need to focus your time, what needs to be resolved, and what action steps to take. You’ll also know what’s going on in your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, so that you’re more aware of what needs your attention.

Initial Check-In:

Within 3 days after you received your reading, we’ll have a 20 minute session over the phone. This will be truly supportive for you because you’ve had time to sit with the reading, figure out what other related questions you’d really like to ask, and cement your understanding of this experience. We’ll discuss how to amplify the results even further and make sure you have what you need to move forward.

2 week Check In: 

Within 2 weeks we’ll have a middle of the month check in to make sure you’re on track and keep you focused. This 20 minute call will truly be supportive for you because you won’t feel like you’re doing it on your own. Plus, things will have happened by then that will be useful to discuss and hold yourself to your path. 

Materials to Takeaway: 

You’ll receive a recording of the reading and recordings of our check-ins. You’ll also receive a virtual diary that will support you even months down the road. All of these materials will really help focus your attention, and ground you in the direction best suited to your highest path and purpose. 


Your Investment: $150

How This Works:

Step 1: Click the Get Started Now button to submit your payment

Step 2: Within 3 business days you’ll receive your reading and further instructions

Have questions? Email me at (note that it’s a .co and not a .com)

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Who benefits the most from this type of reading?

  1. People who’ve had a session(s) with me in the past and know my style of reading. If you’re a new client, you might consider getting my full reading instead.
  2. People who are looking for a playlist and not predictions
  3. Those who are looking for overall guidance and not guidance for a particular issue. For the latter, please get my full reading.

  “Wow! That was amazing! I need a little time to process it, but all of it made sense to me and actually just calmed my soul. I have been so anxious and confused, feeling kind of directionless. But listening to your reading (or would I call it my reading?) calmed all that and I feel more grounded and …I keep wanting to say the word calm!! I honestly haven’t felt calm for basically as long as I can remember, but that is how I feel right now. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to go over it all.“ – MR, Seattle