Connecting To Spirit Is So Much Easier Than You Think

The deeper I go into the spiritual community the more bliss and RAGE I feel.

Bliss with all the good learning, insight, and aha moments.

RAGE with all the….how should I put this?….bullshit. Have you heard variations of the following statements?

  • Feel the love and light
  • Do this clockwise and this counter-clockwise
  • Don’t do it this way. This is the right way.

Let me play devil’s advocate here for a minute. Yes, there is a reason for you to learn the old ways of our ancestors and how they did things. But it is not, and never will be the only way. And once you learn the way, it’s important that you go your own way.

And that’s important to know.

Spirituality is your personal, direct, 1:1 connection with spirit. Spirit of yourself and the universe.

Don’t forget that.

If you want some non-dogma in your life, and if you want to really connect in a way that’s freeing, check the rest of this article out.