What’s a Sign? What Isn’t a Sign?

Signs are everywhere. All you gotta do is set the intention and pay attention. That’s it.

But even as I say that – sometimes you don’t even need to set the intention (atleast not consciously) because signs will come to you anyway.

It’s like Einstein said – “Everything is a miracle. Or nothing is”. I say – “Everything is a sign. Or nothing is.”

I describe my story with signs and what I learned about them in this article. A lot of readers described how the article itself was a sign for them and some went on to say how this article snowballed into a lot of other signs that came to them.

In the story I talk about the cat that visited my home on that fateful morning. Below is the exact scene that transpired!

I wish you all much love and happiness. But more than that, I wish you a leveling-up of your conscious attention. So that you too experience this state of grace.