Unicorns and Fire have a lot in common

The ONE thing I loved about the religion I was born into was that it worshipped fire.

It’s like this – ‘Hello 5 year old! You have divine permission to play with fire!’. From a 5 year old’s perspective, wasn’t this the best-est religion ever? I’m now 26 years old, and I still think so.

Sidenote: This has led to to my brain accepting that ‘Ooo I must touch it!’ is an appropriate response to fire. Which has further led to a series of comical incidents – one of which involves a sizable burn mark on my butt.  #TrueStory


Fire has been part of my creative and spiritual life for a really long time. It seems to put me in a meditative state almost instantly. So if I need to meditate or visualize or really do any inner work, a fire of some sort is always present.

My point is make it yours. Anything could facilitate inner work and the point is to just do it. In the realm of inner work (also called spirituality), doing something is better than doing nothing. Start somewhere. Start comfortable. Start small. But START.

You don’t need a meditation cushion, crystals, a mala blessed by a Ganges-swimming-hippopotamus’ bottom (just kidding. There are no hippopotamuses in the Ganges), etc. It could just be you, your favorite self improvement book, and an image of a farting unicorn. The only rule is that it should nudge you to self-reflect.

A lego race car? A comfy bed? A gothic Cathedral with Moorish overtones? Use whatever puts you in a place of peace and dive right in.

PS: If you love the idea of having a farting unicorn by your side, here is a good image to that effect. I use it to remind myself not to take myself or anything too seriously.