Intuitive Reader & Integrator

What’s really going on with you?

What needs to change?

How do you do it?


What it means to be intuitive, what are some tools that you can play with, how I got into this world, etc.

 This is without doubt the most effective reading I’ve ever encountered – Danielle

I help people who feel off-track get the answers they need to get on the path they want to be on

I’m an Intuitive Reader and I work with people who feel confused, stuck or off-track in their work, relationships, or life in general. 

My clients crave clarity, true transformation, and step-by-step support to facilitate the change they’re looking for. 

I help them see where they’re blocked and what exactly they can do about it, so that they can move forward with grace and confidence. 

I cater to hunger. I cater to better. I cater to depth.

 I honestly haven’t felt calm for basically as long as I can remember, but that is how I feel right now. Thank you so much! – MR, Seattle

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Questions? Email me and you’ll get a response directly from me. No middlemen. 

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